Kati Immonen, Mari Krappala, Elina Ruohonen, Tiina Vainio

16 June ‒ 31 August 2018, Örö: Ökmo, Dining Room, Arsenal, White Corridor Opening on Saturday 16 June at 12.30 p.m.

Sea Sisters’ Happening, Saturday 14 July 2018 at 12.30 p.m.

Playing tunes with plants, Nora Uotila Weed Show, Kati Immonen

Rock Symphony at the south tip of Örö, at 3 p.m., Laura Naukkarinen, Tanja Tiekso, Juho Kaitajärvi-Tiekso, Antti Holvi

Demonstration of oil spill response by WWF, Sunday 15 July at 3 p.m.

Sea Sisters produce ecological art. Their work is an artistic research of the sea, its shores, flora, fauna, and people. The research object of 2018 is the island of Örö. Sea Sisters are presenting a series of their research results as installations on the island in summer.

Exhibition title: Sea Sisters in Anthropocene

In anthropocene, we are in a state where habitual coordinates begin to disappear. The anthropocene originates with meteorologist Paul Crutzen and biologist Eugene Stoermer. Philosopher Timothy Morton’s work at opening the anthropocene to human understanding is a merger of humanities and natural sciences, incorporating theories and findings of philosophy, anthropology, literature, ecology, biology and physics. He hopes to restore our ties to all kinds of (human) beings and help us rediscover joy and playfulness. This may bring light to the strange loop of darkness where we, willingly or not, currently roam.

The extensive group of international researchers called the Working Group on the Anthropocene continues to gather evidence to help give the anthropocene an official status. To do this requires, among other things, deciding how to define the new epoch and determine its start date. The artistic research of Sea Sisters presents further evidence for this in the form of artworks.

Sea Sisters start from factual material: flora and fauna, the soil, archives, interviews of local people and fictive attempts at engaging in conversation with human, non-human and other objects. Sea Sisters ask questions on our place in the biosphere and our belonging to a living species in a less obvious way than we might usually think.

The group plans to produce a series of exhibitions in the next few years which will transform sight-specifically. New works and parts of works are to be created for every exhibition, based on the sea and coastal areas of the exhibition town or island. The working methods will vary on each site between activism and communal and conceptual art.

Members of the group:

Kati Immonen’s installations study the way plants and human beings shape the landscape. They are based on a Greek garden built by Göran Åkerhielm on the outer archipelago of Källskär. In Immonen’s installations, organic flora gradually engulfs the buildings and the garden.

Mari Krappala in her work summons the faded sounds of the sea and island back to our hearing. She makes experiments of establishing contact with the (non)human or non-living which still has something to say to us in 2018.

Elina Ruohonen studies sea cliffs and maritime plants. Her audio-visual works present messages from mycelia and grooves drawn by the Ice Age. The rocky lines serve as notes in Rock Symphony, created in cooperation with sound artist Antti Tolvi. Ruohonen also presents an installation on the current condition of the sea.

Tiina Vainio studies the possibility of “conversing” with flora and fauna. Using suggestion exercises, Vainio identifies with plants and other natural elements and listens to what they have to say to us. Vainio registers in visual works what the biosphere is talking about and asks, if we will finally learn to speak fluently with plants and animals.

The whole team also works for the sea in concrete ways, such as participating in a course on oil spill response and care of oiled animals arranged by the WWF in spring 2018.

The team as a whole and its members separately have been financially supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Örö Art Residency, Finnish Cultural Foundation and its Varsinais-Suomi Fund, Turun Taideyhdistys ry, and Konstsamfundet.

https://Sea Instagram Sea Sisters

Further information from Mari Krappala, tel. +358 50-3678918,

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